Vacation - On the road again.

They day after Mel's wedding we packed up and headed to Texas for vacation to visit's Robert's side of the family. The kids were troopers!
 We made it to a pit stop in Dallas where our good friends Anthony and Marisol let us stay with them for the night! 
 We weren't even there very long but Dom made himself at home with his planes! Ha!
 The next morning we hit the coolest McDonalds ever and then got back on the road.
 Elena was a drawing and movie watching machine...
 While Dom watched movies and tried to get comfy...
 poor sleepy guy - get him a bed!
 Road selfie!
 We of course had to stop for lunch at Elena's favorite place - Whataburger!!
Something hilarious (that Robert will hate me for sharing but I have to document this!) that happened is we were driving along and trying to figure out where we wanted to stay for our last stop and got distracted and...ran out of gas! Seriously! The kids had a million questions...why are we stopped? where is daddy going? why is he walking? why do we have to stay here? can we go too? is he coming back? are we going to be here forever?  Lol - not kidding! Thank goodness we were very close to the exit we were heading to for gas! Here we are waiting... 
Ha ha! This is one we will be looking back on and laughing about probably every time we take a road trip! :)
We finally we made it to our stop which we had decided on Corpus Christi - we had never been there and thought we could see the beach and do a little sight-seeing the next day before we finished the drive! Love these little travelers!
 Ahh....what an eventful day!
 So surely the kids went straight to be and were little angels right? Ha! 6 hours of pent up energy later we had a little too much fun with the slo-mo feature on my phone!!
...and we almost got kicked out of the hotel for being too loud. He he - whoopsie! This day was definitely one for the memory banks! :)

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