Planes Party!

Since Dominic has a major love for all things planes we decided to have a Planes party for him! Since he didn't get a birthday shirt I decided to get him some Planes swim trunks and flip flops for the party! He loved them!  
 We had the party at a splash park and playground area near our house - it was perfect! Since there wasn't a need for decorations I mainly just had a table to decorate. I absolutely loved these cupcake toppers that made the cupcakes look like the planes characters!! Everyone loved them!
 I also used some fun checkered flag duct tape to decorate and even some of Dominic's toys!
 Here are a couple close ups of the cupcakes
 ~ El Chupacabra ~
~ Ripslinger ~ 
~ Dusty ~ 
  The kids started arriving and Dominic was eager to help carry in his presents!
Then they went straight to the water!!
 I promise they were having fun! ;)
 Such a great area!!
When we finally pulled this kids away from the water it was time for some food. I kept it very simple with some yummy dips, chips and pulled pork sandwiches (and peanut butter and jelly jets for the kids! Can you believe I didn't get a picture of them?! Me neither.)
 The candy coated marshmallows didn't stand a chance!
 Then it was singing time! He loves getting sung to!
 And then on to presents!!
 Here are a few videos of him opening presents for family and friends that couldn't be here. He is too funny!
Of course he had to play with a couple of his new toys!  
 Then it was piƱata time! I was afraid that he wouldn't want to hit Dusty...but he didn't mind at all! :)
 Elena wanted to crack it open so bad!
Finally -- candy!!  
 It was so sweet to watch him saying bye to all his friends! :)
 and grandpa too of course!!
Then we caught him like this -- he was apparently very thirsty and was trying to get a drink -- and ended up getting stuck!! Ha ha!! What a silly boy!!
We took naps after the party and then Dominic played with all his new toy planes!!
 Then we finished this fun day with dinner at the Mexican restaurant by our house!
Happy 2nd Birthday Dominic!!!

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