Dom and Mom at the Zoo.

Last week I got lucky and got off of work with some time to spare before Elena got home from school, so I took the extra time to spend with my little man and we had a late afternoon date at the zoo!! :) He is so fun to hang out with! When you say zoo, the first thing he starts doing is making elephant sounds - so that's where we headed first!
A quick selfie with the giraffe!
The we headed over to the Lion. He was napping but popped his head up to say hi to Dom - who of course roared back!
The gorillas were chillin -
This one started walking towards him and he got a little nervous! ;)
I think we hit naptime for the tiger too - Dom gave his best roar but the tiger was out.
The leopard was wide awake though! And I've never seen him this close to the fence before!
Beautiful bald eagle!
My cheeseball. :)
He really wanted the bear to play with the giant ball in his pool but he wasn't feeling it today.
Dominic loves the herpetarium, probably my least favorite exhibit but it is starting to grow on me! :)
He is fascinated by all the turtles and lizards and snakes!
In 30+ years of going to the zoo I never new that the giant turtles like to get busy! (and make some loud grunting noises while they do!) I had to take a picture for proof and Dom just kept saying look mom - one turtle up and one down! :) Lol - I was cracking up and thanking the lord that Elena was not with us this trip - I am not quite ready to explain to her what they were doing!! HA!
Last stop was the penguins and they were all in the water and swimming like crazy! Dom was loving it!!
What a fun, fun time with my little man!!

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