Oficially 6 Years old!!

Elena got to spread her birthday out for quite a stretch this year! It started with her school celebration the Friday before her birthday. There just happened to be an in-service on her actual birthday so she got the present of no school on her birthday this year! On Friday, her class also got to celebrate with a PJ party day for doing so great in school so far this year! Bonus!
After much debating on what she wanted to take for a treat we finally came up with individual ice cream cups with whipped cream and sprinkles! It was a huge hit!

They had been celebrating her all day and this was on the board when I got there - I just had to document it!
Over the weekend she got to have her big Frozen Bowling Party (see previous post) and then we started her official birthday (Sept 29th!) with our traditional birthday pancakes, cartoons and no school!!
I did have to work for awhile on Monday but Elena was so excited to head to grandma and grandpas (she doesn't get to do that near as often anymore!) and to put up her new Polly Pocket wall set - she (and Dom) absolutely love it!  
 Then mid afternoon she started feeling blah...like running to the bathroom to throw up but never throwing up - just feeling nauseous. :( boo. She toughed it out for her piano lesson that night but that took about all the energy she had left. She requested some Panera potato soup for dinner so I went and brought some back but she didn't even touch it. Poor baby girl. She went to bed crying cause she was afraid she would still feel sick in the morning and have to miss school! Silly girl - man does she love school!
 Magically the next morning she felt so much better - she insisted on school and made it through the day just fine! :) Whew - so glad!! We did a birthday dinner do-over and went to our local Mexican place. One glass of sugar, I mean kids margarita makes everything better! Ha!
 Singing + maracas + crazy sombrero + sopapillas = perfect
¡Feliz CumpleaƱos, Elena!
But wait, what about the birthday cake I made on Monday? When she got sick, I put it on ice! Yup - froze it so we could have it later in the week. So the next night we finally got to decorate her cake (all her choices (funfetti cake, yellow frosting, pink candle, purple writing and sprinkles!) and sing to her! :)
Whew...is that all? Nope! I had also held back a couple presents for her to open when she felt better, so the next morning we finally rounded off the week of birthday celebrations with more presents!
Needless to say, she was thrilled with her birthday week! :)

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