Mini Vacay Continued

After the Garden of the Gods we got some yummy BBQ at Rudy's and then checked into our hotel. We had an awesome view of the mountains! 
 The kids had one thing on their mind so we decided to hit up the pool - there was an outside one but it was pretty darn cold so we stuck with inside! 
Showing Daddy how well they can float! 
Thankfully we were able to get Dom down for a nap - you know hes tired when he falls asleep with us in the room and the TV on! 
 We were going to go do some more sight seeing but then it started storming. :(  So we decided to just relax and have a nice dinner at the hotel and rest up for the next day! 
The next day started with room service for breakfast - the kids thought it was the absolute coolest thing ever! 
Then we headed out for the day! 
 My crew - 
We didn't really have set plans for today we decided to just start driving and stopped when we saw something we wanted to do. This led us to our first stop which was the Cliff Dwelling Museum - 
It was pretty neat!
Of course the kids loved checking out the tepee. 
Next we took a look at some of the dwellings not in the cliff - 
 Then we ventured into the museum. The kids were a bit young for this but it was very interesting! 
Then we headed back outside to actually walk through the cliff dwellings. 
The kids had a hard time understanding that people actually lived here!  
Some of the areas were a bit of a tight squeeze! Ha ha! 
 Of course one of my three children had to give me trouble in the gift shop! Lol - such a big kid! 
 All the vintage memorabilia was pretty neat to look at. 
 After we left the museum there was another attraction on the next exit so we went for it and ended up at the Cave of the Winds - 
 Such a pretty and steep drive up the mountain and we found out we were 1/2 the distance to pikes peak at the top!! Crazy!! 
 There was a bit of a wait so we grabbed some lunch and checked out the sights while we waited. 
 The cave was very dark and a little chilly! It was also kind of awesome yet creepy at the same time! 
We actually experienced ''cave darkness'' which was very scary! Everyone turned all lights off and it was pitch black. The guide explained how after a while you start to hallucinate that you can see things (because you really can't!) and then after so much time you actually go blind! Crazy! Needless to say the kids did not enjoy that part of the tour - ha! 
 Whew - happy to be back out in the daylight! 
After the cave we decided to head to our next stop - Denver! 

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