Memorial Weekend {2015}

This year for Memorial weekend we continued a fun tradition from the past few years and headed out to the lake with our good friends Nate and Mary. It was a pretty chilly but that didn't stop these crazies from having a blast!
 I think this is a perfect view! ;)
 Have I mentioned Dom is pretty fond of the lake life!
 This little lady got hooked on fishing this weekend! She was out there for hours!
Dom tried it out too but was not near as excited as Elena - I envision us taking fishing trips often as he gets a little older!
 Later that night Elena officially caught her first fish all by herself!!  
She was so excited!!
Dom and Kodiak had fun chilling by the fire while the bigger kids fished.
 We stayed the night in the lake house and I tell you, this is a view I could get used to waking up to!
 The sun decided to come out the next day so it made it a little more fun in the water!! (It was still cold though!)
 They even jumped off the dock a few times!
You know I had to take a couple videos! So fun! 
 More fishing! (He had a little help - wink, wink) But still so proud!!
It was a nice weekend - the only think that could have made it better was if Daddy could've joined us!
 Dom likes attention if you can't tell...
On the trip home he crashed before we even got on the highway! Elena was worn out too!  
What a fun weekend with the kiddos!

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