River Run 2009.

Today was the River Run in downtown Wichita. Robert and I decided to sign up for the 10k race (6.2 miles for those of you who don't know). Keep in mind I really haven't ran since the duathlon and Robert hasn't run in...well a LONG time! So we were a little nervous when this morning rolled around. The first couple of miles were pretty hard (as they usually are) but after that we started to hit our stride. We finally finished up at about 53 minutes~not too shabby! We were very happy to come in under an hour! There were about 2000 runners and we finished up in the 800's.
Here is Robert and I after the race (yes my face is super red!) -

Marie, my duathlon buddy, raced as well. She finished up around 52 min -- good job Marie!
Here is a picture of us with our medals and Elena:
Did you notice my shirt says River Run '82? Pretty sweet Goodwill find huh?
Honestly we did much better than I thought we would and also had a really fun time!

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