21 months.

My little guy turned 21 months last month!! He is getting so close to 2 years old it is crazy!! His newest obsession is planes, thanks to the Planes movie he got in his Easter basket! He is continually pointing them out in the sky, playing with them, talking about them, running around with his arms out, you get the idea...
 He loves to sat cheese for pictures, and its so cute. When he knows he is doing something cute he will look at me and say, Mama Cheese! Lol, I guess I have him trained! :)
He is one of the kindest and considerate kids ever! He always says thank you and loves to give hugs and snuggle. He is continually saying Love you (Mama, Dada, etc...) and giving us big huge hugs - I hope he never outgrows this!!
He also has his fair share of temper tantrums, especially when he wants to do something his way and doesn't get to do it that way - meltdown city!
He also likes to put his little finger up and say 1 more, pwease. Very hard to resisit! ;)
He has absolutely no interest in the potty, he will run and hide to do his business and when I say - hey, lets go use the potty he yells "no!" at me. But he does let me know he is tooting (usually at the most inconvenient times - people sure do get a kick out of it though!)
He is pretty darn fearless! He will climb on any and everything. Seems to have no fear of heights or falling either!
He has been joining me for runs and bike rides. Talk about a motivator - more mommy more!
He is obsessed with popsicles, all day everyday he will ask for them. His favorite place to enjoy them seems to be his swing.
He just jumped into a size 9 shoe!! This is crazy! He still fits in some of his 8s but most kids his age are in like a 6 or 7 at the most!
 We've been doing swim lessons and he absolutely adores the pool - on the way he will repeatedly say pool, kick, jump, whee!
 One of his favorite games to play is to stand on one side of the yard and say - Ready, Set...GO! and run to the other side - over and over and over again!
He has discovered sidewalk chalk and wants to draw on everything!
He loves pasta and rice and beans - his Italian and Mexican heritage are definitely coming out there!
Has become a total Mama's Boy lately - I guess it came from being sick a couple weeks back and he has been very clingy to me ever since. I have a love/hate feelings about it because I love that he wants me, but I also loved his independent happy non-clingy and whiney self - we will just have to see what the next month holds!
 Wants to do everything Elena is doing, follows her around, plays with what she is playing with - he is her little shadow.
He has started calling her ''Lanie'' for short - it is pretty sweet to hear him say Hi Lanie or Love you Lanie! 
Random strangers always comment on how cute and fun he is - we feel blessed that his awesome personality shines through so much that even strangers can see it! 
Looks like its time to start planning a fun plane themed 2nd birthday party!! Yay!

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