Pumpkin Patch {2012}

We snuck in our annual trip to the pumpkin patch the weekend before Halloween this year. It had suddenly turned cold so we were a little worried but it ended up being a beautiful day! Elena had a blast playing with all the activities.
Did you notice Elena's straight hair? She'd been begging me to straighten it for her so I did on this day and it looked so much older and she looked so much older to me!
Dominic was pretty content to just hang out and watch. He was fascinated by all the stuff going on to look at. :)
He got in on some of the fun too though!
I just love this picture of Robert and the kids! What a great Dad!!
Elena really wanted to shoot the paintball gun this year ~ I have no idea why ~ but she loved it! Go figure.
And of course the big pumpkin gun too!
Then it was time to catch a ride out to the pumpkin patch.
How tall this fall?
There were tons of big pumpkins to choose from!
I got a couple adorable pictures of my little pumpkins out here too!
What a great day!

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