New Year - New Project.

For those of you that don't know, the winter is pretty much Robert's off season for work. So what does he do to keep himself busy you ask? For starters he has kind of become a stay at home dad. Taking care of and spending quality time with Elena has taken up the majority of his time lately, especially while I am at work. But I should've known better - he can't stand to go extended periods of time without doing some sort of hands-on project. When I came home from work today I walked into this:

Which was followed by this look: "What?"

Robert loves projects and being handy so I should have realized it wouldn't take long for him to come up with a new project ~ refinishing and updating our kitchen cabinets and counters. Now this didn't just come up out of the blue, we had been talking about this for a little while, I just wasn't expecting it so soon. But once Robert has something he is ready to do he jumps right in and goes for it! (Which, to be honest, is one of the qualities I love about him!)

So here we go onto this new project!! I will definitely be keeping you posted about how it is going and hopefully we will have a 'like new' kitchen in no time!

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