Swimming Lessons!

We decided it was time to start Dominic up in swimming lessons this year to get ready for all the summer fun we have at the pool. We did some lessons last year but they were parent involved so this time it was much different as he was by himself with the instructor! You might remember when Elena took swimming lessons a couple years ago -- she was not a happy camper the first week. But then she finally warmed up and loved it! Well the same thing happened with Dom - he literally screamed the entire first class! Ugh! :( But then he kept doing better and better each time! This was one of the first classes when he still wasn't too sure about it but was finally not crying!
The pics aren't that great because I had to stay away and was peeking through a window! So stressful to see your baby not be 100% comfortable in any situation!
So proud of him for doing so much better each time!!
Most days grandma takes him to swim, but every so often I get to sneak away and watch him too!
The goggles crack me up! But he finally got used to them and does so much better with them on!
He's been going for about 2 months now and check him out now!!!!!! Amazing! Now he begs to go to swimming lessons!
 So proud of my little swimmer!
Bring on the pool this summer!!!

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