Elena's Art Party!

Elena's 4th birthday fell on a Saturday so we were able to have her party on her actual birthday this year! The morning started off with purple pancakes and sprinkles! :)
Then came an early morning delivery of her bouncy house for the party! Who wouldn't love bouncing in this at 8 am?? Dominic wasn't so sure!
This year Elena got convinced wanted to do an art party for her birthday! Here are the adorable invitations I had made! Aren't they perfect?
I had a ton of fun planning and decorating for this party! I was all over Pinterest searching for ideas! ;) Here are lots and lots of pictures of all the details! A huge thanks to my Mom for helping with everything! I couldn't have done it without her!
and of course more decorations outside! I really loved how all the bright colors made it look so festive!
We had a painting table set up for all the kids to paint their own canvas. (and extra paper for those that wanted to keep painting!)
All the kids really loved painting!
So focused! :)
Some of the masterpieces!
Nothing better than fun and friends!
Of course there was a pinata!
There were other coloring stations set up for the kids (though most stuck to the painting). the giant chalkboard, the swing set and of course the bouncy house (did you notice that it matched the theme??) for the kids to entertain themselves! The only thing missing that I tried to get was a face painter! Who knew every single one in town was completely booked on that day?? Oh well, it was still a blast!
Playing ''Ring Around the Rosie" :) too adorable!
Robert instisted that the TV be up and ready to go for the Texas game after the party! It was actually nice to have it for the parents while the kids played!
Then there was my favorite part -- the cake!!
The best part was the inside though...
Rainbow layers!! I tried to have a bakery make this because I didn't think I had time but they wanted to charge an arm and a leg so my Mom and I decided to try it ourselves! I think it turned out wonderful! (and saved so much money by not buying one!) I also saved money by making Elena's shirt and tutu!
Then it was time for presents!
We got her the one thing that she had been asking for for weeks - a Barbie Princess and Popstar playhouse. She was so excited!

All the guests got to leave with a paint can full of goodies!

Did you notice all the fun balloons in the background? Well the wall was set up for a "photo booth" area! I bought an unfinished frame at Hobby Lobby (for 1/2 off of course!) and painted it red. This was one of my favorite things at the party!! I just love all the fun pictures of the party guests! (We are planning on sending each guest their picture with a thank you note!)
Happy 4th Birthday Elena!!!
Invitations/Banner/Cupcake toppers were purchased here.
Paint cans/aprons/no spill paint containers were purchased here.
Balloon wall idea came from here.
Cake idea came from here .
Paint brush rice krispy treats tutorial came from here.
Sprinkle covered marshmallow idea came from here.
I made the felt bunting on the cake, the tutu and shirt - I will post about these later.
Rainbow frame, canvases and pinata purchased at Hobby Lobby.

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