Fun with Friends.

Now that I have finally caught up on blogging (Look back through Dec if you missed them - I dated them in Dec because I swear I will make a book out of this blog one of these days!!) and also let you in on our little secret I can finally get back to the present time. :)
 I got to take my princess Elena to Disney Live a few weeks ago! What a fantastic idea for a little girl who is obsessed with everything princess right now! I also went with two of my good friends Kylie and Jenny and their adorable princesses too which made the day even more special!  
It was basically an elaborate stage show of the stories; Snow White, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. It was great! The girls loved it!
You can tell how much they loved it by these huge smiles! :)
The big finale! Elena's favorite part was definitely Beauty and the Beast. It was so much fun and I am so glad we went! 
A couple weeks ago I also got to get together with a group of friends for snacks, drinks and crafting. It was a really fun night!  
Kylie found this great idea for a Valentine craft on Pinterest and had all the supplies on hand for each of us to make one. All it took was scraps of cute paper, a heart punch and a glue stick! (She even printed off a grid of equally spaced lines so we knew exactly where to put the hearts!) What she thought would be a simple, quick project turned into hours of making different variations of it! :)
Here are a couple samples.
Like I said, LOTS of variations! Lol! 
 I just had to make a pink and yellow one for Elena's room (yes, still her two favorite colors!). She was ecstatic when I gave it to her! I found a white picture frame at home and used some yarn I had on hand so thanks to Kylie this adorable wall decoration was absolutely free! And so far E has only pulled off one heart ;)

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