Sedgick County Fair.

When we heard there were going to be monster trucks at the Sedgwick County Fair this year we decided we had better take the kiddos for some fun! Surprisingly we had never been before! 
It had rained the past few days so the track was a muddy mess! 
Dom was a happy camper! 

 Elena felt like this -- even though we were outside! Ha ha! 
But she cheered up quite a bit when she caught a frisbee! 
Look at that one Grandma! 
Mud flying everywhere! 

 The kids really enjoyed the 4-wheeler race! 
 Woo hoo! 
and check out this beautiful view from the stands!! 
After the show we headed over to ride a few of the rides -  
What a fun new night! Looks like we will have to keep going every year! 

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